Strategic and Regulatory Consultants

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The AeroAdvisor Group provides consulting services to governments, air carriers, airports, and other organizations in the aviation and airline sector. Our professionals and associated companies have worked on civil aviation in every region of the world, providing an unparalleled level of consulting services to transport ministries, civil aviation authorities, airports, air carriers, and development banks.

Our Services

If your agency, organization, or company is looking for the highest level of service in any of the following areas, please contact us:

  • Preparation for safety and security audits by ICAO or the FAA
  • The oversight of civil aviation operations
  • U.S. FAA and DOT regulatory matters and filings
  • The drafting or review of national aviation legislation and regulations
  • Economic analysis of transport infrastructure
  • Airport and air carrier privatization strategies and analysis
  • Air service and economic development projects
  • Start-up airlines - services for every phase of certification and development
  • Advertising, marketing and public relations services

We look forward to hearing from you.  You can contact us via e-mail by clicking here or by using our online contact form. You can also reach us by telephone at 1.202.822.5080, ext. 26.


The AeroAdvisor Group has been selected by the Ministry of Transportation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to provide technical assistance in the drafting of a new civil aviation law and regulations. The AeroAdvisor team began its work in Kabul in early July 2005.

The AeroAdvisor Group signs a contract with the Civil Aeronautics Administration of Taiwan to provide  legislative and regulatory consulting services.

Texts of model civil aviation laws, FAA IASA documents, and the Tokyo and Plastic Explosives Conventions are added to the Documents & Downloads page.