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Fee Structure for Accepted Projects

Our professional fees are negotiated on a project-specific basis. We believe that our fees are not only competitive, but lower than many other firms that offer similar services. The AeroAdvisor Group will perform services on an hourly, per-project, and fixed-fee basis, depending on client needs and project feasibility.

For smaller and start-up clients, the AeroAdvisor Group will consider creative fee structure arrangements, within reason.

To discuss a specific project or proposal, please contact our Managing Director.





Project Proposals
The AeroAdvisor Group will prepare detailed proposals for services on request. Please contact us for more information.

Questions to Ask
When hiring any consultant or firm, you should always ask about expenses, travel policies, potential ethical conflicts, and specific billing practices. The specific AeroAdvisor policies on all of these matters are clearly established prior to the completion of any client contract.